In today’s world a need for effective self-defense system is necessary. There are many martial arts schools in New York City, but not all specialize in teaching real self-defense classes.

You see, the reality on the street is way different than what is taught in modern martial arts academies. There is no tradition, no fair-play, no one to help you in the corner when you need to defend yourself or your family on the streets. Therefore, you cannot expect a “traditional martial art” to prepare you to fight on the streets.

When you want to make sure you are able to effectively defend yourself on the streets and do not want to spend years learning some fighting techniques, the Israeli martial art called Krav Maga is the best option for a modern, busy person.

On this website, we will try to give you as much information about this fighting system and also give you many tips on self-defense that might once save you a life!

If you are interested in self-defense classes or simply anything about how you can protect yourself against violent people running out there, bookmark this page and come here often for the best self-defense tips and products reviews.

Now, let’s continue…


Krav Maga is an Israeli martial arts technique that equips individuals with practical and dynamic techniques for self-defense and fighting.

It was initially developed for the Israel army in the early 1950s but later taught to civilians.

It is a combination of various martial arts fighting techniques including Kickboxing, wrestling and Karate. Due to its lethal abilities, Krav Maga is divided into three forms; for civilian’s self-defense, for law enforcers and the army.

Krav Maga Classes NYC

Unlike some types of martial arts, this Israeli self-defense system can be practiced by anyone, young or old, huge or small.

The techniques taught in Krav Maga focus on body movements and sharpening one’s mental ability, which equips one with requisite skills for responding to any form of attack.

With these techniques, not only will you ensure your safety but also the security of your family and friends.

How can you start learning Krav Maga?

You do not require any martial arts experience to start your Krav Maga NYC classes. Your instructor will begin by teaching you all the basics that you need, such as maintain stances, how you should strike, defend, and how to improve your response reflexes. The lessons will also equip you with skills on how you can perform under challenging environments.

Once you have mastered the basics, your trainer will then introduce you to advanced techniques for handling different levels of attacks, including armed weapon attackers.

The following three principles should guide you while starting your self-defense classes:

Work hard and remain consistent

You should understand that you will be required you to be prepared both physically and mentally at all times.

The training sessions will require you to push yourself to the limits, and you are bound to wear out. As a result, during your first couple of classes, it will seem complicated, and you may contemplate on quitting.

However, if you remain consistent with the training exercises, your body will adapt, and with no time, the routine will get into your system, and you won’t find it difficult.

You won’t attend one Krav Maga class and become a good at defending yourself, and you have to take weeks and months for you to attain the skill levels you desire. 

Without hard work and consistency, it will be impossible to achieve that.

Wear protective gears

It is essential to understand that many self-defense classes are usually based on practical encounters with your fellow practitioners. 

It is therefore important that you get all the safety gears that you require for such cases. 

Some standard gears that you will need include the gloves, mouth guards, groin guards, shin and some headgear.

How much will Krav Maga cost you?

On average, most self-defense classes nyc range between $100 to $250 for the registration and equipment if you do not have your own. You should carry out your research to determine which school offers the best service at cost-friendly prices.


Over the past few years, Krav Maga classes have increased in popularity, and more people want to receive this training.

That is why many studios will offer these type of sef-defense classed to their students.

This makes it challenging to pick the best place to get classes from. Hopefully you will learn here about some essential tips that will guide you in choosing the best Krav Maga lessons.

Have A Clear Goal

Before you even begin to choose a school to join, you should have defined what your goals are.

Do you want to enroll in a Krav Maga school so that you can lose some weight? Or do you need it for your pre-military training? Are you interested in purely learning how you can defend yourself or are you just interested in working out?

If you can answer these questions, then you will have a clear sense of direction. This is important because different KM schools offer different curricula that fit specific goals.

Get recommendations from family and friends

If you are lucky to have friends or family that have taken self-defense nyc classes before, you can ask them to recommend to you a place where you can get good Krav Maga training. 

You will be more comfortable joining a school or class that someone you are familiar has also attended or is attending.

The type of instructors in that class or school

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a Krav Maga school.

You should not just work with any instructor that you come across because not every instructor is good at teaching KM. You should put effort into finding the best instructor there can be.

How big a school is, is not as important as the quality of instructors they have. Working with a good Krav Maga instructor will guarantee you better results.

Is the school certified?

Always take your KM classes from certified institutions.

Certified schools use accepted curriculum and equipment which guarantees you that you are going to get quality training.

Also, in case the instructor violates any terms on your contract, will be able to report them to the licensing body and action taken.

Consider your location

You should understand that for you to become a good Krav Maga student, you have to attend all classes regularly.

If you skip some lessons, do not expect to get any results from the classes. That is why it’s advisable to get you Krav Maga lessons from a school that’s close to you.

This makes it convenient if you want to attend the classes after work or before work.

Going to a nearby school will also cut down on transport costs that you’d have incurred had you taken classes from afar school.

Where to Find Krav Maga Classes In NYC?

The following are five of the best self-defense classes in New York City that you can enroll in:

Krav Maga Institute NYC
Krav Maga Academy
Krav Maga Federation
Krav Maga Experts – Park Slope Brooklyn
Progressive Krav Maga Long Island

Final take on learning Krav Maga in New York City

It is with no doubt that with Krav Maga techniques, one can misuse the skills and be the perpetrator instead of using the art to protect self.

Do not be the one to harm other people with your fighting techniques. This would be going against the real purpose of any martial arts and against the law of the land, which might get you into serious trouble.

Instead, learn this self-defense fighting system only to protect yourself, your family or your loved ones.

You might never use this skill in your life, but KM is also a great workout training that will keep you in shape and makes your mind sharp.

On the other hand, in todays society there is always a chance to get into a trouble on the street and knowing how to defend yourself can keep you calm and ready.

The best advice I can give you at the end of this article is that, you should give a Krav Maga classes a try, learn some basic self-defense skills and get your body and mind back into a shape!